Chris Ballantine-Thomas


Weeknote S2 E5

Screenshot of the spreadsheet we send to the Design System working group to get feedback
Screenshot of a slack message I sent to someone apologising for not sending something because I got distracted
Screenshot of an illustrator artboard set up for video work
Screenshot of a graph of downloads of GOV.UK Frontend since July 2018
Screenshot of some illustrator artboards with Design System illustrations
Screenshot of Shazam on my phone detecting 'When there is no sun' by Sun Ra
Screenshot of text editor with some edited out code saying 'insert alt text'
Screenshot of Spotify playing the album 'Full Wack No Brakes' by Bad Boy Chiller Crew
Screenshot of me waiting to enter a video meeting
Screenshot of a clip of the Generation Game from 1974 playing on YouTube
Screenshot of a video call with my friends Alex and Mikey
Screenshot of part of my Trello 'to do' board with one item to write feedback for people
Screenshot of Google image search results for the term 'bloodlands' showing a mixture of the TV show and the book about World War 2
Screenshot of Gumtree ad on my phone for free paving slabs, zero pounds