Chris Thomas


Weeknote S2 E4


Chris started the working week feeling a bit more energised than he had last week. He wasn’t sure why. Probably the weather.

I can’t remember what I did that evening.


On Tuesday morning Chris printed out a piece of paper to help him focus on what he’s supposed to be doing.

Later on, he presented an outline of how he might demo the Design System in the team’s upcoming service assessment. It’s a challenge to do this with something that isn’t a linear or transactional service. He ended up using a tiny interaction (someone going to the site and copy&pasting some code to put in a prototype) as a basis to explain the broader things that sit behind the Design System. This received general nods of approval and some useful pointers. He had nice catch ups with Nikin and Kate too.

After work Harriet and I picked up a pizza from round the corner and opened a bottle of red. I watched Liverpool play a decent game against a badly set up Leipzig side. I’m not really enjoying watching football that much and haven’t for a while. I miss my friends.


Chris spent a lot of the day talking on Slack with designers from different government departments about buttons.

I didn’t do a great deal that evening because we’re stopping watching TV during the week. I spent quite a long time flicking through the enormous Larousse Gastronomique that Harriet got me for my birthday. It’s incredible. It presents itself as a sort of bible of all the food ever, but it’s extremely Western-centric and extremely extremely French-centric. The entry on Provence is probably several times the length of the one on Mexico. But it is what it is. Has enjoyable digs at British cuisine throughout.


Chris woke up feeling like shit in a cup. That was lucky because he didn’t have too many meetings that day. He worked despondently through simple tasks like dropping screenshots into slide decks, reviewing tiny pull requests and sending emails that needed to be sent. He had an afternoon nap. Sometimes I worry about him.

Look, you can’t be happy all the time. Again, I’m not sure how the evening passed… I had a beer and read for a bit and went to bed.


Chris was on support on Friday which meant he spent a lot of time replying to support requests and helping people fix their prototypes. He also continued working on making links on GOV.UK easier to read. This bit of work’s been going on in the background for ages. Increasing browser support for a couple of newer CSS properties means that it’s soon going to be feasible to better control text underlines. Which will be pleasing for typography nerds but hopefully be better for normal people too.

After work we went to see Gary at Knight’s Fish Bar. 2 cod, 1 chips, 1 mushy peas, 1 curry sauce. Perfection.

(I’m not yet at the stage with Gary where I can say “the usual please Gary”. I’m not sure Gary even recognises me.)

And then I wrote this.